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January 20, 2012
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After Julie and Corbyn carried Dunne's battered body to the medic centre Arnold had asked George if he could help coach and referee his class for the rest of the day. Since George had nothing to do at he time he agreed and headed with Arnold to his next class. Unfortunately, George had forgotten that Helenov wasn't asked to do anything, so after a couple moments of silence for Helenov she then finally realized.
"OH MY GOD! I can't believe they all just ditched me!" Helenov screamed in the open. Everyone was stunned at how loud she yelled, she even made a Cubchoo faint. Eventually after a couple of seconds everyone went back to doing their training. However, Helenov was still hovering in the same area pissed at what just happened. While she was being pissed two Pokémon walked right behind her.
"Hey Andrew," the Vulpix whispered to his Snivy friend next to him while eating a berry.
"Yes Chris," the Snivy responded.
"Look over there," the vulpix pointed at Helenov. "Its one of the new students that came in a few days ago, do you think she'll know where Corbyn is?" The snivy shrugged.
"I don't know but I know a great way to get her attention." Then suddenly he quietly formed a fire sword in his hand.
"Andrew don't…" Chris tried to stop him but it was to late, he quickly touched one of he small bug legs. For a couple of moments Helenov stiffed the air trying to figure out what was burning, but after those few moments she started to feel the burn.
"AAAAHHHHH!" she screamed and she was zipping through every battlefield as she was on fire. On one of the Battlefields a Blastoids did a hydro pump at his opponent, which missed and instead hit Helenov right in the face. She flew a couple of yards before slamming to the wall. The two Pokémon then ran toward where she slammed to the wall.
"Great Andrew, now you just got her completely massacred!" Chris screamed at the Snivy.
"Heheheh sorry, I just can't help it," Chris then popped up a small flame in his hand while sprinting towards Helenov. "I just love playing with fire." When they finally reached her she had those swirly eye that indicated that she got hit hard.
"I'm so sorry for my friend here," he apologized while hitting his paw on Andrew's head. "Would you like us to take you to the medical centre.
"D…da that would be nice," she replied weakly.
"Alright now, Andrew you carry her."
"What! Why me, can't you help as well," Andrew protested.
"Well unlike you I don't have any hands and also you cause all of this." Andrew sweat dropped.
"Well, when you put it that way." They quickly picked up Helenov and then they headed off to the medical centre.

Back at the battle class George finally realized that he left Helenov behind. However, he then thought that she'll be fine and that she probably went along with the others back to the medical centre, so he carried on helping Arnold.

Anyway at the medical centre Julie and Corbyn were sitting around doing nothing since they pretty much finished looking around the school. Both looked bored to death until Andrew and Chris brought Helenov to the medical centre. Julie and Corbyn were surprised.
"Oh my god, what happened to Helenov?" She yelled out. Andrew then waved at her and sweat dropped.
"Hehehe my bad." Andrew responded. Chris then looked toward who was sitting next to the Kirlia.
"Hey Corbyn how's it been." Corbyn looked down and noticed it was Chris.
"Hey Chris, everything is going fine." Corbyn jumped down from the bench they were sitting on to greet Chris and Andrew. Julie was confused.
"So Corbyn, do you know these two?" She asked.
"Yep, these guys are my classmates from last year. Both of them yelled hello at Julie.
"Oh ok, so which country do you two come from?"
"Well, we don't come from any." Andrew answered. Julie had a confused face on her. Chris was the one to explain.
"Well you see we are the original Pokémon."
"Oh ok that make sense." After they introduced each other they eventually put Helenov to one of those machines that heal Pokémon. What these healing machines do is that they send a pulse through your body which cause your body to heal a hundred times faster than normal and in a couple of minutes your body is fully healed.

After they healed Helenov they both talked for an hour since all of them had no classes and had nothing to do. Julie after the hour noticed that Dunne was gone for a long time.
"Hey Corbyn, where did you say Dunne was going after he was healed."
"Hmmm…I think he said he went to the toilet." Julie then got a worry face.
"Oh no!" Then suddenly a huge water wave busted out of the boy's toilets, slamming into any innocent student and heading straight for them. Also on the massive water wave was Dunne surfing on it.
"Holy…" Corbyn said but couldn't finish as all of them were struck by the wave. Well, except for Helenov. Helenov just flew above the massive wave. She giggled a bit seeing everyone but her not wet. When the wave died down Dunne was laughing his head off with his new prank. As Dunne was laughing Chris, Andrew and Corbyn got up really pissed at what Dunne did. Not only did they get wet, the water on them was toilet water. So, for pay back Andrew formed an Ice hockey bat while Corbyn and Chris formed a fire and a shadow puck.
"Hey Dunne catch!" Andrew yelled and smacked the two pucks at his direction. Dunne looked at them and screamed, but it was too late for him to dodged. Both smacked at him full force. A large cloud of smoke appeared and when it faded away Dunne was there battered pretty badly.
"C…come on, I only got healed a few hours ago," Dunne said jokily but knew he got it coming. Dunne then got up with quite a bit of effort. A few moments later a Zorua with red eyes walked up to him.

"You know, that prank was really simple to do you know." The girl Zorua replied.
"Well, who are you exactly?" Then Corbyn join the conversation.
"Oh Dunne this is Blazica, she's from the USA and she is in the same year as me." Corbyn informed Dunne.
"Oh ok, but you can't beat what I just did, this took hours to do." Corbyn touched Dunne's shoulder.
"Hmmm…actually she already has."
"What?" Dunne shouted out loud. Blazica then looked proud at what Corbyn said.
"Well, I did do a prank on a bad organization called Team Rocket to save the famous Zoroark Mia. Dunne was confused and turned to Corbyn.
"Hmmm…Mia is one of the strongest Zoroarks and the best trickster out of anyone."
"Oh ok, well I bet I can beat you at pranks and tricks any day." She smiled.
"Alright, tomorrow I'll make us a challenge to see who's better."
Alright sure I'll…" Dunne couldn't finish as he heard a massive roar behind him.
"DUNE!" George the Lucario bellowed out seeing the mess Dunne caused. Dune sweat dropped.
"Oh crap!" Dunne turned around to his friends for support but then he noticed they all ran away. Blazica then shouted while sprinting.
"Alright Dunne, lets see how bad you lose tomorrow."

While George was giving Dunne a massive lecture there was a meeting held in the principle's office. There were four Pokémon around a big table.
"Alright seeing as George couldn't make it we'll start now. So, when do you think the new student's parents will start to remember?" One of the Pokémon in the big chair asked.
"Well, we presume in another couple of weeks sir," one of them answered.
"Hmmm…sooner then I thought. Alright we better start preparing their accident now."
Here is the next chapter! Hope you like it, if you would like me to change anything just say so.

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How ironic! I would have had a Pokemon Character as a Snivy named Andrew as well! He's faster than most, though lacks offense. XD
Ross55 Mar 21, 2012
Oh ok, that's cool. XD
So, want me to add you to the story-of course a different name? ^_^
FlareMew Apr 1, 2012   Writer
Yeah sure! (Srry for late reply. I've been busy. XD) But yeah, think you could go with Asher (recommended) or Flare? (Not as recommended. XD)
Ross55 Apr 1, 2012
It's alright and ok sure, Asher is a good name, i think i'll use that. I better get started. ^_^
FlareMew Apr 2, 2012   Writer
LULZ. Thx!
Ross55 Apr 2, 2012
Hehe no prob! ^_^
THERE'S the humor I told you to add in. Well done, well done. :iconpatplz:
Ross55 Jan 22, 2012
hehe thanks! ^_^
I still don't see what's so bad about this school....from what I've seen, I would choose this school over any other immediately!
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